Harwich Mayflower Project wins the cup!

Today the Harwich Mayflower project had a stand at the local county fair. The Tendring show is an agricultural event that takes place every year and attracts in the region of 25,000 visitors in a day.  The Mayflower Project was promoting itself and trying to raise awareness within the local community about what it does. Several of the staff as well as trustees and the Chairman, Tom Daly, were there.  The shipwrights were working on a piece of oak, while everyone else was handing out leaflets and talking to visitors about the Project. There were various competitions run throughout the day  and lots of ribbons were awarded. In fact, the Mayflower Project won first prize in the ‘Best Charity Stand’ category. Apart from a ribbon, they got a cup, which Tom Daly received on behalf of everyone at the Project. As usual I took hundreds of photos  and a small sample are below.

The images under the main photograph are a gallery, clicking on any one of them will open a slideshow for you. Photography and content: James Kelly.


Tom Daly receives the Ford Cup from Tendring Show president, Judy King.


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