This is Harwich, home of the Mayflower

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that every so often, while still keeping to the theme of the Mayflower, I may veer off slightly from the build. This is one of those posts. A little while back, I received a message from someone across the pond asking if they could see some pictures of Harwich, seeing as it was the home port of the Mayflower.  As this blog is read by people from all over the world and most of you will never have been to Harwich and have no idea of the town where the Mayflower originated, (you really should pay us a visit, maybe we’ll see you in 2020?) I’ve decided to put up a small selection of some photos that I took on a stroll around the town one day last summer.

The pictures include Christopher Jones’ house and across the road from it, the Alma Pub (which over 400 years ago was home to Sara Twitt, who married Christopher Jones when she was 17 and he was about 23). St Nicholas Church, where Sara and Christopher Jones were married in 1593. The beach front. Views across the Stour estuary. The main road. The Halfpenny Pier. Morris dancers outside The Alma. The best burger van ever! (You’ll never get a better egg and bacon baguette anywhere)

Harwich has a long and varied history and these pictures don’t cover too much of that, but hopefully it’ll give you a small taste. If you’d like any further information on my pictures or want to see more of my work, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. The resolution of these pictures has been reduced for quicker loading. As usual, all photos are taken by me and must not be copied in any form, electronic or otherwise, without my consent. Photography and Content: James Kelly.



    • mayflower2020

      Thanks for your kind comments. Harwich really is a lovely town, I didn’t really manage to get too many photos of the houses and architecture, but I may get something up in a later post. Thanks once again, it’s lovely to get feedback from the readers.

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