Frame 20 lifted into place


As the New Year settles in, I decided to venture down to the Mayflower Project in the hope of getting a few more pictures for you.  I was lucky enough to arrive as the first of the frames was being lifted into place. It was a bit of a murky day and as the cloudy skies gave way to rain, the shipwrights worked through it to get the frame up.  What immediately struck me as the frame rose above the keel was how small it looked. How did 102 passengers make such a perilous journey in such a small space?

Chris Conway, the Mayflower shipwright, was again kind enough to mail me a few words on this stage of the build and this is what he had to say..

“After aborting the lift of Frame 20 before Christmas due to high winds,  we have been lucky enough with the weather on our return back to work  to have both sides of the main frame up.

Although the overall weight of each side of the frame only weighed in at around 600kg, we had to ensure that the frame was balanced when it was lifted so that it would line up correctly with the floor  (The floor is the ‘y’ shaped base that fits onto the keel and can be seen in earlier posts)  that was already temporarily bolted in place before Christmas. We used an “endless fall” to allow us to tweak the angle of the frame so we could fit the two bolts into the holes that had already been drilled on the framing floor.

As mentioned in an earlier post this frame has only been placed in situ on a temporary basis, but it has been a worthwhile exercise on how we go about cutting and fitting the frames in future.

Our next aim is to start fitting the forward keel section and deadwood. Hopefully now that we have sourced the correct bolting material, we can get the bolts made to start bolting up the back end of the ship. ”  Photography: James kelly. Content: James Kelly/Chris Conway

As with all posts, any image can be clicked on to enlarge it.



    • mayflower2020

      Thank you. It’s nice to get some feedback on the pictures. The guys building the ship are very helpful and don’t mind me poking around with my camera at all. Makes it so much easier to get good photos.

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