Building a new Mayflower for a new generation

(Pssst, Mayflower Project, you can have that tagline for free. It’d look great on a T shirt!)

While I’m unable to bring you any new photography or content until July, I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a visual update of exactly where the project is using previous pics. For those of you new to the blog, in a nutshell, the Mayflower Project is based in Harwich UK and is building a full size replica of the  Mayflower (using old English Oak and original methods where possible) to sail to the US in 2020 following the route of the original voyage. As far as I’m aware, there will be no other Mayflower recreating the voyage for the 400th anniversary. if you’re a historian, teacher, student, sailor or just have an interest in ships, this is THE blog to follow!! Watch the Mayflower as she grows from a few bits of Oak in a yard, to a ship that will follow the route of the pilgrims to the New World.

As you can see from these past images, the ship currently has the keel in place, the sternpost and  the first rib is up. There is approximately 9-10 tons of oak in these pictures. Photography and content: James kelly


Frame (rib) 20 rises above the keel




Drawing showing frame (rib) . Courtesy of HMP and Graham Westbrook



Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.25.37 pm

Drawing showing position of frame (rib) 20 in relation to the ship. Blue arrows show Oak laid. Courtesy HMP and Graham Westbrook

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