Public seeking answers.

While I will not be making a post here until the summer has gone and the build has started as promised (again!) I think the following comment to the blog sums up the feelings of the majority of people concerning this “Charity” project…..

“Overall very disheartening, that a charity that operated by deceptive behaviour has been allowed to continue.

If the RSPCA stopped looking after animals and instead began building some fools errand of a visitors centre, there would be national outcry… But at least the RSPCA is creditable.

The HMP has lost all credibility, the one section of the project that was actively making a difference is shut.

The build has stopped for close to 2 years and management are saying it’ll only take 2 years to build… Well why isn’t it done yet?

What are they doing? And why hasn’t anyone publically left the project because of this?

One of the above comments draws a parallel to a football team. When results arnt met managers step down. When teams fail, players arnt sacked managers are. Why isn’t anyone being forced to resign? And most importantly who is policing this project and public money?

Who decided to spend thousands of pounds on yet another shed when the soul point of the project was to build a ship… This isn’t the Harwich Shed Project is it??

I so badly want to support this endeavour, to make this work. But the team in charge arnt doing anything worth while, there are no fundraising events, there are no sponsored efforts and nothing of any real note. And the only reason why the most productive side of the project is closing, is probably to coerce more money from a failing council, an easily fooled public and a sympathetic government. We are all being deceived by liars and cheats.

It was a great idea, and forever will be a great idea but only an idea. “


  1. Harwichcruiser

    Looking at the Mayflower Project website today, it would appear that it is no longer a project in motion, neither is it a charitable organisation, as no longer do they give any information about themselves or the ‘Team’. If they are still registered as a UK charity, then they are in breach of charity rules and guidelines.

    I, like you, wanted so much to continue my following of this worthy project and was one of the early volunteers who helped to get it up-and-running. Right from the start it was run like a secret society, instead of a community based cause, that most thought had been created to benefit the overall standing and recognition that the most famous ship ever to sail was built in Harwich.

    Rather than enhance the Harwich history and all that it once stood for, the Harwich Mayflower Project’s apparent collapse has done just the opposite. Many concerned with the Project, including it’s Chairman, continued to have passion about building a new ship and struggled in vain against the tide of troubles that seemed to happen on a daily basis.

    There is no doubt that many good things came out of the venture, especially up to a few years ago, and it is certain that the Harwich Town Railway Station would not have been in the excellent state of repair as it is now, had the HMP not renervated and rejuvinated it.
    What remains at the site, including the amazing wall murals surrounding the peripherary and the part contrusted vessel, could become a tourist attraction in it’s own right, but enough is enough I think and the Project end should be announced.

  2. Patricia Claus

    Thank you so much, Mr Kelly, for making sure the rest of the world hears about this “project”. If it weren’t for you I would not know anything currently about this organization which I donated money to a few years ago.

    They have been so completely opaque, deliberately opaque, in all their dealings that I am sure many of us saw this coming in some form or another. Thanks again for letting us know what is really happening in Harwich.

    Patricia Claus

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