Next HMP community meeting set for July 11th at 4pm

UPDATE: This meeting has now been re scheduled to 4pm


Just heard from Mr Tony Elliston that the next HMP community meeting for everyone in Harwich and beyond to visit the Project and raise concerns, or just ask questions or queries, has been pencilled in for 11 July at 9.30am.  My reply is below.

You’re having a community meeting at 9.30am on a weekday again? Can you please explain the reasoning behind that? Why have a community meeting when most of the community will be at work, and those who don’t work will be looking after families, or be at school, or college. Surely you want to see (and hear) as much of the local community as possible? Surely you want as many opinions and comments from the good people of Harwich as you can get.  Come on, work with me on this, prove to me and the people of Harwich that you’re the man I think you are, and have your next (and every future) community meeting at 7.30pm in the evening.

NB. My original reply did say “..who don’t work will probably be in bed”.  A very poor and sleepy assumption on my part at nearly 4am, so with apologies, I have corrected myself here. I’ve also added “every future meeting” as well for clarification.


  1. Harwichcruiser

    This is typical of the recent establishment, who rely on spin doctors and advisors that use negative methods to get the results they need. Very similar, though not the same, as having referendum after referendum until the population vote the way you want.

    I am sure that Harwich folk now, especially the younger element, consider that the HMP are more of a joke than they have ever been. Unless Christopher Jones himself rises up from the dead and brings with him the Mayflower, the Harwich Quay will not ever have such a vessel moored there. What a shame, Tom Daly’s original good intentions have been scupperred time and time again. Worse still is the fact that Tom himself is just out of hospital, after having surgery – get well soon Tom.

  2. Robert Maughan

    The meeting was attended by four residents. Brenden QC, Rogers T & Lady and myself. Tony Elliston in the chair. Usual suspects conspicuous by their absence. Discussion included HMP new name and new direction (landward). I was given a severe dressing down by TR for my bad manners and loud mouth. Quite right, too.

    Importantly, it would seem that TE may be the genuine article despite the blinkers, the elephants in the room outside his field of vision. To him the past is another country, so we should wish him well in the future. He should remind himself that “Harwich and the Mayflower” belongs to the people, not to a bunch of jumped-up clerks and opportunistic LGOs. James and the Ship’s Blog could be his refuge.

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