About this blog and the author.

Welcome to theshipsblog.net, a journal charting the progress of the Harwich Mayflower Project/Harwich Mayflower Heritage Centre in the UK. The proposed build for a seagoing Mayflower has been cancelled (March 2018) and the project is attempting a land based version.

I was a volunteer at the Project for 18 months up to early 2015 and in that time I was a tour guide, as well as using my IT and electrical engineering skills to install a basic IT infrastructure amongst other things. The majority of my time was spent doing tours and working from the office.

Although the Project seems to perceive any kind of criticism as a threat, and denounces anyone who dares to question their motives or ask questions (See below), they continue to try and deflect attention away from themselves by abusing the very people they are looking to for help, the local community

The Trustees are aware that there are individuals who, for whatever reason, wish to undermine our Volunteers and the Charities work. This is expressed in letters to the press and in the content of the “Ships Blog”.

Looking for answers to questions (and not getting any) is not undermining anything. Local residents writing to newspapers and putting their point across is not a crime. Correcting misinformation supplied by The Project will not affect volunteers. In fact, Just because several local Harwich residents have the guts to actually make a stand and ask questions when something seems amiss, it does not mean that there is some organised vendetta against the Project. What it means is that there are people willing to stand up and voice their opinion, even when shouted down. It is inherently wrong for a registered charity to denigrate the very people that they are looking to for support. Instead of being negative towards these people, the Project should be welcoming them in and addressing their concerns and issues. They should be showing them that their perceptions may be wrong and backing that up with concrete reasoning.

While the Project continues to be opaque, offers misinformation and refuses to answer the most basic of queries, there will always be members of the public wondering why that is so, whether it be in newspaper print, social media or via this blog.


As of March 2018 te proposed seagoing replica build has been cancelled. The Project’s Training Centre remains closed since May 2016.

This is an unofficial blog and I have no connection to the Project. Any comments or views are my own and do not reflect those of the Harwich Mayflower Project. I am not a shipwright or carpenter and again, any errors or omissions are entirely my own. All content including photography is copyright of the author (James Kelly) and must not be copied in any form, electronic or otherwise without prior written permission from the author.

One comment

  1. A past employee

    People have stepped away from the project over the last 3 years. It just gets pushed under the carpet why they left.

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