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Mayflower Murals

It’s been a bit of a busy summer for me, work has been hectic and I’ve just completed a bicycle ride along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. For those of you that follow my cycling blog, you’ll already know about my adventures as I cycled from Galway to Dingle (including the hell that was ‘Corkscrew Hill’). So as  it’s been a while since I ventured into the Railway yard that holds the Mayflower Project, today I paid them a visit.

I wanted to get some updates on how they were getting on and hopefully get you some pictures of the progress of the build. Unfortunately as the summer draws to a close, I’m unable to report any further progress on the build. Being independent of the project, I’m not privy to the stages of the build or any information as to a timeline. But what I do know is that everybody there is as positive and upbeat about the project as they were when I first arrived. I can’t say when I’ll have new pictures of the build, but you can rest assured that as soon as something stirs in the Old Railway Yard in Harwich, I’ll be there like a shot with my camera!

So in the meantime and to let you know that the project and this blog are still alive, I’ve decided to take a few pictures of the ‘Mayflower Murals’ that have recently been completed and surround the building. The murals were painted by a mix of volunteers, school students on work experience placements and learners on vocational skills courses (These local residents  achieved units of qualifications in Art and Design)

Please note the photos have been reduced in size and clarity for uploading and any picture can be clicked on for a bigger image. Also, is is just me or does the mural of John Howland look like the actor Jake Gyllenhaal?  Photography and content: James Kelly.

A quick update

As a rainy British summer gives way to a rainy British autumn, work on the build of the Mayflower seems to have slowed down. But of course it hasn’t, while the build itself may not seem to have changed too much over several weeks, the shipwrights have been busy behind the scenes preparing to make a start on the transom (the rear of the ship). So I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a pic of the build as it is at the moment, as well as the latest in a series of murals which will decorate the walls of the Mayflower Project.


IMG_4041-small IMG_4038-smallFor anyone reading this that has visited the project, if you take a close look at the second mural, you may recognise several of the shipwrights/carpenters that are currently working on the Mayflower (Chris, Brett, Natasha and Tony). The murals contain several lines of a poem by John Masefield and were made possible thanks to various volunteers and organisations. Further information on the murals is available on the Project’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Photography and content: James Kelly.